Ford Displays 67 MPG Focus Econetic

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For those Europeans who feel that a 40 mpg Ford Focus SFE trim isn't good enough, rest assured because the Blue Oval is about to release something that will surely satisfy their eco-friendly green hearts. The Focus Econetic is equipped with the automaker's 1.6-liter Duratorq diesel engine that produces 103 hp. Combined with start-stop, smart regenerative charging, Eco mode, and even a revised final drive ratio, the engine is extremely efficient.

It will supposedly achieve around 80 mpg on the European testing cycle, which is roughly 67 mpg for the U.S. Along with those electronic engine adjustments, there are several aerodynamic enhancements as well such as active grille shutters on the front fascia and low-drag wheel covers. The Focus Econetic will be making its official debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show and will likely go on sale in early 2012 in both four and five door configurations. Ford should be commended on this one, considering the car doesn't have a hybrid/battery combination, just that trusty diesel.

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