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Ford Doesn't Want You Racing the New Mustang


Doing so will have consequences.

Ford recently announced a kick ass new feature for the soon-to-launch 2015 Mustang: an electronic line lock that allows for the perfect burnout every time. The team of engineers behind this nifty electronic gizmo had those in mind who will be taking their Mustangs to the drag strip. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that if you do in fact drag race your new Mustang, you’ll end up voiding the factory warranty. Seriously.

Let us explain Ford’s reasoning here: the automaker defines "racing" as “bracket-style competition at a drag strip.” In other words, if an owner directly competes against another car, the warranty if void.

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If, however, a Mustang owner simply goes to the track to check their quarter-mile time without racing against another vehicle, then everything is kosher. Ford sums it up as "Testing the capabilities of the Mustang is not an issue." Racing against another car (i.e. the possibility of an accident) is the problem here. Using the line lock feature even on private property is also fine, just as long as racing isn’t involved. But here’s our question: how will Ford even be able to tell the difference between a Mustang that’s been drag raced and one that hasn’t (provided no accident happens)? Just something to consider.