Ford Doles Out Winter Driving Tips For Sub-Zero Weather

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Much of the US will see sub-zero temps this weekend, and Ford has some advice for EV owners.

Across the US, we're all battening down the hatches in the face of a huge cold front, if it hasn't already hit your area. Ford's latest run of tips on EVs, winter, and range conservation seems fitting. In the video, which you can watch below, Ford recently shared some similar winter driving tips for the F-150 Lightning as well.

This video is much broader in scope, however. For example, Tom Somerville, marketing manager for the Mustang Mach-E, speaks about pre-conditioning the battery in your EV, ensuring it is at optimum temperature before you start driving. It's like warming up your car with extra steps.

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We also talked about this recently, in a piece on EV range degradation in sub-freezing temperatures. It seconded Ford's advice here. Preconditioning also doesn't harm range, as many EVs, including the two you see here, can be preconditioned from their chargers, rather than pulling electricity from the car.

As an aside, plenty of EVs also allow for preemptive preconditioning by setting a departure time in the vehicle or on the app. Preconditioning an EV's battery will also save you range in the long term, if not in a slightly roundabout way.

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By walking out to a car already at the desired temperature, preconditioning means your car doesn't have to work as hard from a limited power source to heat the cabin and the battery. Rather than pulling power from the battery while on the road to blast the heater, the car can do so using the grid instead.

While preconditioning is certainly the best way to preserve winter driving range, keeping your battery warm in the first place is ideal, if not somewhat impractical for many. A heated garage goes a long way, but we realize this is an expensive solution to the problem. Regardless, Ford recommends always preconditioning your car's battery if it's cold enough to warrant it.

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