Ford EcoSport Could Be Replaced With A Much Better Model

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This could be the closest we get to the new Fiesta.

Even though Ford announced the Fiesta's death in the US a few years ago, the sub-compact model is still being sold in the US as a 2019 model until excess inventory is gone. For all intents and purposes, the sub-compact EcoSport crossover has taken over where the Fiesta left off. We drove a 2018 EcoSport and although we could feel traces of Fiesta DNA in its steering, the rest of the car left us craving more.

According to Autocar, Ford has realized that the EcoSport isn't what consumers wanted. The current EcoSport may be replaced with a new Fiesta-based sub-compact crossover, which may or may not retain the EcoSport name.

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Of course, Autocar is a UK-based outlet, so these reports may not align completely with the US market. Unlike the US, the UK received the completely redesigned Fiesta and Fiesta ST, making US enthusiasts jealous. The EcoSport's replacement will reportedly look more like the Fiesta, which was the best-selling car in Britain for 2018.

We have seen Ford testing what appeared to be a jacked up Fiesta, which we initially assumed was the upcoming baby Bronco. Perhaps what we saw was actually a replacement for the aging EcoSport. Even though the EcoSport is fairly new to the US market, it has been sold in Europe and Brazil for several years and is due for a redesign.

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We hope these rumors turn out to be true because we are still disappointed about not receiving the new Fiesta in the US. The EcoSport's replacement could be our closest taste of the new Fiesta and we wouldn't rule out an ST-branded variant. Ford has already stuck ST badges on the Edge and will likely do the same with the new Explorer. Just give us a manual transmission mated to the Fiesta ST's 1.5-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost rated at 200 horsepower and we'll be happy campers.

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