Ford EcoSport Goes Where No SUV Has Gone Before

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No parking space is too tight for America's most compact SUV.

The EcoSport is one of the few vehicles to survived the latest changes at Ford as it reorganizes its business to focus more on high-profit trucks and SUVs in the coming years. It may be a micro car compared to your average SUV but that is exactly why the EcoSport makes so much sense, especially if you spend much of your time in crowded city centers.

To highlight the fact that the EcoSport is the most compact SUV in America, it has created a tongue-in-cheek name for those parking spots that most other SUVs simply can't fit into; they call it the EcoSpot.


At 161.3-inches in length, the EcoSport is obviously no Escalade, yet compared to its similarly-sized rivals like the Mini Countryman, Mazda CX-3 and Chevy Trax, it offers more cargo area while being between 6 to 8.5 inches shorter.

According to Ford, thanks to innovative features like flip-and-fold second-row seats and a moveable cargo floor board, the EcoSport delivers parking convenience without sacrificing the cargo room that SUV drivers demand. With an overall footprint hardly any larger than most hatchbacks but with the high-riding and interior space benefits of an SUV body style, the EcoSport makes a lot of sense and fitting into these tight 'EcoSpots' is a big time saver too.


To demonstrate just how much can be saved, Ford quotes a 2017 report from INRIX, a leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, where it states that drivers in New York City spend an average of 107 hours every year searching for a parking spot while In Los Angeles and San Francisco, they burn 85 hours and 83 hours, respectively.

That is a lot of wasted time that can be recouped in the compact EcoSport. In a world where every new generation of car seems to be swelling in size, a vehicle like the Ford EcoSport starts to make more and more sense.


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