Ford Edge Previews Future Tech and Design Direction

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The next-gen Ford Edge is set to launch next year. Here's what to expect.

It won't be long before Ford introduces the next-generation Edge, but in the meantime the Blue Oval has rolled out the Edge Concept at the LA Auto Show previewing the redesigned SUV's upcoming styling direction and a raft of advanced technologies. Still under development, these will include an obstacle avoidance system, adaptive steering and a fully assisted parking aid that can locate a perpendicular parking space and pull the vehicle out of a space by remote while the driver remains outside.

With similar proportions to the current Edge, the concept's styling has been brought in line with modern Fords, notably in the front end that has more than a little Fusion about it, coupled with narrow headlights and a trapezoidal framed chrome grille housing a pair of slim-line horizontal bars. Active Grille Shutters automatically open and close to maintain the engine's ideal operating temperature and maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Air intakes in each corner feature air curtains and ducting, which are designed to guide air from the front to the side via the front wheel wells.

The interior has a number of premium touches including a leather-wrapped, hand-stitched instrument panel, ten-inch touchscreen display, chrome and leather trim, copper accents, and a new steering wheel. No word on powerplants or when the production model will be unveiled, but Ford has revealed the next-gen Edge is destined to become a global model in markets ranging from South America to China.

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