Ford Escort is a Familiar Name

Ford revives the Escort nameplate for a concept previewing a small Chinese sedan.

Like many other automakers, Ford needs to succeed in China as that market continues to grow at a rapid rate. Enter the Escort Concept, which bears a familiar nameplate to many Americans. With styling that carries on the automaker’s latest Aston Martin-like hexagonal front grille, the Escort Concept actually looks pretty nice thanks to LEDs and bits of chrome trim up front. Few details regarding its exact features were given, but Ford claims the Escort Concept is its vision of a compact car designed specifically for the Chinese market.

With its roomy interior, (relatively) attractive design inside and out and compact exterior dimensions, Ford believes it has narrowed down the essential features for an affordable family car that will appeal to the Chinese en masse. Its powertrain wasn’t announced but expect a small EcoBoost turbo four to rest under the hood. More than likely, the Escort Concept won’t be sold in the US if it were to reach production mainly because Ford has already got itself covered with the Fiesta and Focus. But still, it’s interesting to see that Ford is apparently ready to build models specifically for China, taking a step away from its "One Ford" global model plan.

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