Ford Examines Building a GT Successor

According to a recent report from Automobile magazine, Ford is considering building a new car that will serve as a successor to the iconic GT. This is not just some baseless rumor, but it comes from Derrick Kuzak, Ford's head of global product development (and possible future Alan Mulally replacement). Although he was very careful about what he said, Kuzak said Ford would like to see yet another mid-engine, high-performance vehicle in the future.

How far off could something like this be? Not that far, apparently, as Ford (and almost every other automaker) works in four year product cycles. Ford execs will also need to take into considering not only the possible halo car's development expenses, but also future CAFE standards. Does this mean there'll be a future Ford GT Hybrid? Anything is possible, but we should be excited simply by the fact that Ford is considering a new version of their famous supercar.

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