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Ford Explorer And Expedition Owners Will Feel Unique With Special Editions

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Take your pick of four new special edition models.

Ford is no stranger to special edition models built specifically for Texas. A few years ago, the company revealed a limited edition Dallas Cowboys F-150 and now Ford has brought four new special editions of the Explorer and Expedition SUVs to the 2018 Texas State Fair.

The 2019 Explorer will be available with two special editions called the Limited Luxury and Desert Copper Edition. The Expedition will get its own two special editions called the Stealth and Texas Editions. Don't worry, all of these SUVs will be available nationally, so you don't have to live in Texas to be able to buy one.

"Texans love their SUVs and these four special-edition models were created very much with them in mind," said Craig Patterson, Large SUV Marketing Manager at Ford. "Each of these vehicles is a proof point that Ford takes seriously the need to continuously freshen an SUV lineup that is so popular with so many."

Texas is Ford's biggest market for trucks and full-size SUVs, with nearly 25% of Expedition sales coming from the Lone Star State. Ford has seen increased demand for high-trim SUV models and Expedition sales have increased by 117%.

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The Expedition Stealth Edition comes with lots of black accents including 22-inch premium black-painted wheels to give it a very sleek, sporty look. Meanwhile, the Expedition Texas Edition is mainly focused on towing with options such as the Cargo Package, Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package, and Ford's Enhanced active park assist.

On the Explorer side, the Explorer Limited Luxury Edition is exactly what it sounds like, a premium model with available 20-inch premium painted machined aluminum wheels and multi-contour seats with upgraded leather. Finally, the Explorer Desert Copper Edition takes on a unique copper theme throughout the interior and exterior.

If you are in the market for an Expedition or Explorer, these special edition models will certainly help you stand out. Unfortunately, Ford didn't provide any word on pricing, but we expect them to be near the top of the range for their respective model lineups.