Ford Explorer Drives Over Corvette Like It's Not There

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Situational awareness... some SUV drivers do not have it.

There's no shortage of videos on the internet showing ridiculous car crashes, and we skip millions of them. Even Formula 1 drivers run out of talent sometimes, so we shouldn't fault new supercar owners too much for stuffing their expensive new toys. But this latest video that's been circulating on Twitter has us scratching our heads. It involves a previous generation Ford Explorer SUV and a teal blue C4 Chevrolet Corvette. Things don't end well for the Chevy.

As shown on what looks like a doorbell camera, the two vehicles go around a tight neighborhood corner rather slowly, and the Corvette driver comes to a complete stop assuming the Explorer driver will slow down and take a wider path around them. That's not what happens in the slightest.
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Rather than making an adjustment to avoid the low-slung wedge of a sports car produced from 1984 to 1996, it seems like the SUV driver doesn't even notice there is another vehicle on the road. As we've seen from recent crashes involving the new C8 Corvette, the low front end acts as a ramp for the Explorer. The fiberglass C4 Corvette may not be as low-slung as the mid-engined C8, but it still has the same effect here.

Luckily, the speed was low so the SUV wasn't sent flying into the air, but the Explorer goes up on two wheels and drives over the entirety of the Corvette's side profile. While watching the video we keep asking ourselves, "why didn't the driver notice?"

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When the Explorer first makes contact with the Corvette, we doubt it would go any further unless the driver hit the accelerator. At any point where the car was situated close to the roof, the driver could have hit the brakes and minimized the damage. We can only imagine how angry the Corvette owner was sitting there watching a 4,500-pound SUV drive over their classic car. They can at least count themselves lucky they don't drive a C4 Convertible since there's no way the fabric roof could hold the weight of an entire SUV.

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