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Ford F-150 Lighting Rod Concept Is One Rare Truck

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You can’t even drive it on the road.

Auctions often present unique opportunities for collectors to buy rare concept cars that were never intended for sale – such as this unique 2001 Ford F-150 Lightning Rod Concept, which will be going under the hammer at Barret Jackson's upcoming sale Scottsdale sale this January. Unlike the production F-150 Lightning of the time, the concept is powered by a 5.4-liter V8 Triton engine without a supercharger that sends power to the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic. The production truck delivered 380 horsepower, but it isn't known how much the concept makes.

Sadly, while the F-150 Lightning Rod a is fully working concept, the next owner won't be able to drive it on the road as it was never certified with the Department of Transportation or the EPA. That means the winning bidder will only be able to admire it as a collectors piece or occasionally drive it on closed circuits. As you can see from the photos, the F-150 Lightning concept was heavily retro-inspired, which was common in the early 200s. The bodywork, wheels, and tribal graphics are all nods to late-20th century hot rods. There's even a tribal pattern applied to the tire tread, which matches the graphics on the pickup's bed and seats.

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Inside, the cabin features brushed metal and retro-themed red upholstery and trim. The pickup also rides on 21-inch wheels, which were massive for the time.

There's no estimated sale price for this rare Ford pickup concept, but back in 2001 the same truck sold at RM Auction for $46,200so it will be interesting to see if it has increased in value since then, particularly as demand for pickup trucks is higher than ever.