Ford F-150 Lightning Sells Out Ahead Of Tomorrow's Launch

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Expect to wait 8-10 months if you haven't already placed an order.

Earlier this month, Ford announced that the F-150 Lightning would launch domestically on April 26. A couple of days after the announcement was made, we learned that demand for the electric truck was so great that getting an affordable model would prove tricky, with only the higher-priced top trims still boasting large inventory numbers. At the same time, the Dearborn-based automaker announced that the Mustang Mach-E is sold out for the 2022 model year. Would the F-150 Lightning follow suit? The answer has come, and it's a yes. CarsDirect reports that all variants of the electric pickup have now been sold out for 2022, and those who missed out will have a substantial wait ahead of them.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Driving Front Angle Ford
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Taillights Ford

Ford's website still allows you to configure and price the all-electric truck but with a condition: "Due to high demand, the current model year is no longer available for retail order." Customers are urged to contact their local dealers for more information and one of these dealers, Galpin Ford, confirms that all orders have closed for 2022 but that you can still buy an in-stock vehicle if you're willing to pay the markup that your dealer imposes. In the case of Galpin Auto, that's a $5,000 premium. If you don't want to pay that, your only other option is to wait for a new order, which could take 8-10 months.


The news comes after Ford announced in January that it had doubled production for the F-150 Lightning in an effort to meet the immense demand that only seems to be growing. With more demand than supply, not to mention impressive residual values, the F-150 Lightning is sure to be tough to come by and dealers are highly likely to take the risk of incurring Ford's wrath by imposing unfair markups, despite the threat of punishment from HQ. Hopefully, Ford will increase production again, but with the semiconductor chip shortage still a very real part of the supply chain issues being experienced worldwide, meeting demand may be out of Ford's control for the foreseeable future.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Side View Driving Ford
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Side View Ford
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Front Angle View Ford
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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Taillights
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Side View Driving
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Side View

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