Ford F-150 Raptor R Faces Ram TRX And Hummer EV In Drag Race

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Can the F-150 Raptor R beat the Ram TRX and Hummer EV?

The team over at the YouTube channel The Fast Lane Truck has conducted a series of drag races to determine what the fastest truck in America is.

Four vehicles form part of this exciting test. With a knockout-style format, the race winner gets to take on the next competitor to find a winner. The video kicks off with a bit of sibling rivalry. An F-150 Raptor is pitted against its bigger brother. While it sounds like a sure win for the 700-horsepower Raptor R, the V6 is nearly 100 lbs lighter than the V8.

The Raptor R flies off the start line with incredible speed, leaving the lesser F-150 in the dust. The sheer brute force of the 5.2-liter Predator engine cancels out the weight difference. The Raptor R covered the quarter-mile in 13.13 seconds at 108 mph, far quicker than the base Raptor's 15.56 seconds at 93 mph.

The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube
The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube

As the winner of the last battle, it's time for the Raptor R to take on its fiercest rival, the Ram TRX. The Stellantis-owned brand has made a point of highlighting the fact that its super truck is more potent than the Raptor R, but Ford does not seem to care. The Ram, which uses a larger 6.2-liter engine, produces two extra horses and an additional 10 lb-ft of torque. It's considerably heavier than the Raptor R, though.

Both high-performance trucks hurl themselves toward the horizon with urgency, but it's the Ford that claims victory. That minimal power advantage can't offset the 500 lbs or so of extra weight, and the Raptor R crosses the line first at 13.29. The TRX wasn't far off, covering the distance in 13.31 seconds.

This isn't the first time the Ram TRX has been humiliated in a drag race, with the Rivian R1T showing it a clean pair of heels.

The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube
The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube
The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube

While the R1T doesn't appear in this video, the new GMC Hummer EV Pickup does. By far the heaviest of the lot, the all-electric truck weighs 9,063 lbs. This particular model is an Edition 1, which packs 1,000 hp and 1,200 lb-ft. Can the Raptor R hold onto its newly-acquired crown?

The short answer is no. The instant torque afforded by the electric motors sends the Hummer scuttling down the drag strip with the Ford trailing in its wake. This time, the Raptor R managed a 13.25-second quarter-mile time. The Hummer, however, blitzed that time and covered the same distance in 12.36 seconds.

It's remarkable to see the Hummer perform so well. Recently, GMC's Duncan Alfred said the Hummer EV makes its gas-powered rivals look ordinary.

After seeing this drag race, it's not hard to see why he believes that.

The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube
The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube
The Fast Lane Truck/Youtube

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