Ford F-250 Super Duty Diesel Truck Turned Bootmobile by L.L. Bean

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"What better way to celebrate 100 years than pay tribute to the Maine Hunting Shoe, the shoe that started it all?"

L.L. Bean is celebrating a century of producing outdoors clothing and equipment with a yearlong celebration. The American company has built a Maine Hunting Shoe truck to mark the occasion and is driving it around the country.

The Bean Boot, as they are calling it, is based on a Ford F-250 Super Duty diesel truck. The boot was constructed by making the mold out of foam and covering it with fiberglass. Steel supports the 13ft. tall big boot to the frame. Tugboat lines replace the laces and really give the Bean Boot a seriously authentic look. The boot was unveiled at L.L. Bean HQ in Brunswick, Maine. Chris McCormick, CEO, said at the event "Our company founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, was an avid outdoorsman who believed that time spent in the outdoors added value to one's life. In recognition of our 100th, we are looking to share his passion and re-ignite America's love of the outdoors."

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