Ford F-450 Super Duty Tows Mobile Bowling Alley Around Town

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The economic impact of the global pandemic has been felt in every corner of the USA, and some places, such as Detroit City, have been hit especially hard. The city, famed for its motoring history, was forced to cancel and then move one of its biggest events, the Detroit Auto Show, and now with the second wave hitting harder than expected, the city has had to head back into lockdown. The timing couldn't be worse; people like to get out and celebrate the festive season around this time, and with most malls shut and outdoor activities suspended, what is there to do? Well thanks to Terence Jackson Jr, Detroit natives will be able to enjoy a bit of bowling.

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Terence Jackson Jr. has managed to create the "world's first mobile bowling alley," which he hauls around the city with his trusted Ford F-450. The twin 25-foot lanes both feature automatic ball returns, pinsetters, and automatic scoring. These lanes aren't fully up to regulation, as players have to make use of three to four-pound balls, but beggars can't be choosers as they say.

According to NPR, Detroit locals can't get enough of this Christmas treat. "I would have never thought about something like this. This is absolutely great, and to be honest with you, it's even better because we never thought we would go through a pandemic," says Audrey Vasquez, who celebrated her 35th birthday bowling with friends.

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Jackson first came up with the ingenious idea two years ago when he was building party busses. When the shutdowns hit some time later, the idea came back, and was hard to ignore. Jackson spent $300,000 on a rig - a big risk during these times - but his investment has clearly paid off.

Jackson has already started work on a second rig, and assures customers that his bowling lanes are thoroughly sanitized between customers. This is how you turn lemons into bowling balls.

Lucky Strike Bowling Lucky Strike Bowling Lucky Strike Bowling
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