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Ford F-Series Coming To The History Channel For "Truck Weekend In America"

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Only in America are trucks loved this much.

It's been America's best-selling truck for 41 years straight and America's best-selling vehicle for 36 straight years. Impressive, to say the least. Throughout the decades, the Ford F-Series has been integral for America and American automotive culture, and The History Channel thinks that rightly earns it its own television special. In fact, it's a six-part series all about trucks in the US of A.

Beginning on November 10, The History Channel will premiere "Truck Weekend in America" and Ford is the prime-time sponsor. The series will focus on the F-Series origins, "legacy of toughness, heritage, and performance." The episodes will premiere on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 8 pm EST both nights.

Each episode will focus on an F-Series related subject, such as "Truck Hunters", "Born Tough: Inside the Ford Factory", "American Restoration: Truck Edition", "Trucks Transformed: Custom Culture", and "Rescue Trucks".

"More than a century ago Ford put America on wheels, and today our trucks are a vital part of the way people work, play and live," said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, US marketing, and sales. "'Truck Weekend in America' is a tribute to the passion of our engineers as well as our customers, and to both the history and the future of the pickup truck."

Whether you're a truck lover or not, at least one of these episodes should pique your interest. We're wondering whether Chevy or Ram truck guys will even bother watching their long-time rival receive all of the attention. But still, it's cool to see more television programming focusing on cars and/or trucks.

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"'Truck Weekend in America' breaks with the traditional media mold with a programming event built on stories that are steeped in history, with an eye to the future," said Paul Buccieri, president of A + E Networks Group. "From the latest truck technology to vintage vehicles to totally unique modifications and everything in between, this outstanding collaboration delivers a weekend full of nonstop content, the likes of which truck lovers have never seen before."

Here's hoping viewership will be high enough to justify more series like this.