Ford F-Series Super Duty Plug-In Hybrid Coming in 2013

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Azure Dynamics and Ford have teamed up to produce a Super Duty F-Series plug-in hybrid, which should be on the market in 2013.

According to a new report, Azure Dynamics will begin integrating their plug-in hybrid technology into the F-Series Super Duty trucks in 2013. Working together with Ford, Azure's plug-in hybrid technology will debut on the F-550 Super Duty cab and chassis. This allows Azure to expand its hybrid product line-up specifically targeted for commercial trucks. The available configurations will be for the F-350 and F-450. In fact, this is not the first time Ford has teamed with Azure.

In 2009, they collaborated together to bring the Transit Connect Electric to the market in just 13 months after the program was initially announced. The collaboration also allows Ford to develop alternative fuel products and provide customers with a more fuel efficient vehicle. Azure Dynamics is a world leader in the production and development of hybrid and electric components and powertrain systems for commercial vehicles. Azure will sell the new plug-in hybrid trucks through Ford Commercial Truck dealerships in North America by 2013.

Handout, Ford/Wieck
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