Ford F-Series, The Biggest Money Spinner

In a new study the F-series came up as the most profitable model in the last 20 years

Ford F-Series full-size pick-up was the most profitable vehicle since 1991 that is the result of a research made by analyst Max Warburton at BernsteinResearch, according to Warburton identified three high profitability segments in the industry: German luxury cars, Japanese popular cars and American full-size pick-ups. The long term profitability is a combination of high prices, huge volumes and long periods of success. Luckily for Ford the F-Series was successful in all those criteria.

Warburton lists 12 vehicles in the list of the most profitable vehicles. The first three are American produced full-size pick-ups, the next four are German premium brand road cars. The first Japanese car on the list is the Lexus RX SUV and two of the most popular cars in the US market, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry came in 10th and 12th spots. The Porsche 911 came in 11th spot.

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