Ford Falcon Upgraded for Aussie Police Duty


Think twice before trying to outrun the highway patrol across the Outback when this 535-horsepower police cruiser flashes its lights in your rearview mirror.

Law enforcement officials around the world face the same problem when it comes to speeders: the cars the suspects are driving are often faster than the ones the police have at their disposal to chase them down. But some police departments have found creative solutions. We've seen a Ferrari dressed up for the Beverly Hills cops, a Corvette V8-powered Volvo paddy-wagon and a Lamborghini used by the Italian polizia. Now the Australian highway patrol has gotten its hands on this beefed-up Ford Falcon.

The most powerful road car ever produced by Ford Performance Vehicles (short of its V8 Supercars racers), this Falcon GT has been upgraded from 450 horsepower stock to a mammoth 535 hp, thanks to upgraded exhaust and fuel injection systems. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the New South Wales police department, the special Falcon interceptor bears the build number 150 and will be used by the Motor Accidents Authority for promotional campaigns, and not to chase down speeding kangaroos and wallabies.

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