Ford Fiesta Driver Forgets How To Use Mirrors, Nearly Kills Off Ferrari 458

Nurburgring / 11 Comments

Because sometimes blind spot monitoring is not enough.

Automakers spend countless hours and billions of dollars to make each car as safe as possible, throwing everything into them from lane departure warning systems and collision mitigation to blind spot monitoring. Unfortunately, the same safety systems that are responsible for saving lives on city streets and highways don't do much to avoid accidents at the race track. That's because on the track, a driver must be alert and employ their skill to survive and win rather than have the automated systems do their part.

The driver of this Ford Fiesta leans that the hard way when their blind spot monitoring system (the old school shoulder check) does absolutely nothing to alert them that a top predator was trying to pass them at the Nurburgring.

It all starts when the slow-moving Fiesta hugs the right of the track to allow a group of cars to pass safely. Then, the driver of the Fiesta presumably zones out and fails to hear the guttural roar of a Ferrari 458 Italia approaching fast. Instead of letting it pass, the Fiesta darts straight towards the grass on the left side of the track, cutting the 458 off and forcing it onto the grass as well. After whisking its tail about a bit, the Ferrari recovers while the Fiesta continues to straddle the grass, likely acknowledging that they should stay away from race tracks for a bit. Luckily the Ferrari wasn't carrying more momentum when it left the pavement or that corner could have easily turned into the site of another supercar death.

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