Ford Fiesta ST Becomes Golf GTI Killer With Massive Power Boost

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The Fiesta ST has been turned into a VW Golf GTI killer.

We're still morning the loss of the Ford Fiesta ST in America, but the hot hatchback remains in high demand in Europe. In stock form, the Fiesta ST is one of the most formidable cars in its class, but Ford aftermarket specialist Mountune has worked its magic to make one of the best hot hatchbacks even better.

As standard, the Fiesta ST's 1.6-liter turbo inline-six engine pumps out 197 horsepower and 202 lb-ft of torque, but the firm's new m260 upgrade kit increases the output to between 250 hp and 260 hp, while torque increases to 269 lb-ft. This power boost should enable the Fiesta ST to fight the Toyota GR Yaris, which has 257 hp in Europe. Mountune also offers a less powerful m235 upgrade that boosts the output up to 235 hp.


This extra performance can be extracted from the Fiesta ST by using Mountune's supplied Bluetooth OBD dongle and 'Smartflash' smartphone app on a tablet. An induction kit, charge-pipe kit and intercooler is also supplied. Mountune's m260 kit costs £675 ($958) for new customers, or £99 ($140) for customers who want to upgrade their existing kit. In addition to the performance boost, the upgrade kit features a more aggressive launch control and an "enhanced audible exhaust output."

Mountune also offers the same tuning kits for the Ford Puma ST, marking the first time the tuner has worked on Ford's high-performance crossover. Like the Fiesta ST, the upgraded Puma ST produces up to 260 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque, up from 197 hp and and 236 lb-ft in the standard version.


"We are delighted to offer our customers, not one, but two new performance upgrades for both the Puma ST and Mk8 Fiesta ST. The Puma ST has been well received since it launched and we have worked hard to improve the already impressive vehicle, taking its performance to the next level. The two kits launched for this car increase both power and performance whilst retaining an OEM+ feel," said David Mountain, founder of Mountune.

"The Fiesta ST is a platform that we already know well from our m225 and m235 power upgrades, but m260 really improves this already impressive vehicle even further. Fiesta ST owners are a dedicated bunch who love getting as much performance as they can out of their cars, and we can't wait to start delivering our latest power upgrade to them,"

2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST Front Side in Motion Ford
2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST Rear Angle in Motion Ford

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2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST Front Side in Motion

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