Ford Figo 1.6 AT Coming to MidEast

Ford's Chennai facility in India has been chosen as the factory that will produce the Ford Figo. Riding on the successful reception of the car's unveiling, Ford has announced that the Figo will sail to 48 countries next year. The Figo will be exported to South Africa by the end of this year, where it featured in the shortlisted candidates the Car of the Year title. Adding to the success of the Figo is the development of the Figo 1.6 petrol.

The recently unveiled addition will be paired to a 5-speed automatic transmission, and will be sold in Middle Eastern markets starting next year. As for India, it remains to be known if the subcontinent will get the Ford Figo 1.6 with racing strips, low profile tries, stiffer suspension, sporty interiors, and a loud exhaust.

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