Ford Files Trademark For "EcoBeast," A Hint Of What We'll Find In The Next Raptor?

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Certainly more likely than finding one in a Transit Connect van.

One thing you could never accuse Ford of is being shy about using the name EcoBoost. Engines from this line have found their way into nearly all of Ford's products by now. But a report from Motorlix has just surfaced claiming Ford filed a trademark for the name EcoBeast. But what application would such an engine be used for? The name strongly hints at a performance application, yet EcoBoost-badged engines are already being used for this.


So it would have to be something bigger than the Focus ST or Mustang in order to warrant a name change. We know that a GT replacement is in the works, but the name seems a bit corny for an exotic fighter. Essentially the only thing left is a new Raptor, which we know Ford is indeed working on. This is obviously all speculation, but the potential is there for a seriously tuned version of the F-150's EcoBoost to be under the hood of the off-road machine. It would certainly be a new approach, and the whole thing has piqued our curiosity.

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