Ford Fired Up The Mustang GT350R In London And Some Brits Couldn't Handle It

Ford has a sick sense of humor.

Remember that red Mustang GT350R that Ford brought to Goodwood? You know, the one that teased Europeans and the English with an awesome V8 they couldn’t have? Yeah, that’s the one. Anyway, Ford decided to have a little more fun with the track-spec ‘Stang at the expense of the English. The Mustang was placed on display in London for a day. Of course Ford wasn’t content with just showing off the GT350R’s good looks, so it fired up the engine a few times.

London is home to tons of supercars but American muscle might be a rarity, at least judging by the reactions of those who heard the Mustang roar. A gold medal goes to the guy who gave no f**ks while his girlfriend freaked out.

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