Ford Focus Coupe - Sporty and Economical

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The sporty, economical, clean 2010 Ford Focus Coupe breaks the compromises. The coupe allows you to look good and enjoy driving without spending a lot of money or overstressing the environment. The Focus' four-cylinder engine makes a strong 140 horsepower and its sports-flavored suspension makes assertive back-road driving very entertaining. Ford says that the Focus is as clean as some hybrid gas-electric vehicles, earning an estimated 24/35 city/highway.

The 2010 Focus Coupe features aggressive looking front styling and, depending on the version, a rear deck or high mounted roof spoiler. Most important for many, attractive 16-inch aluminum wheels are standard on SE. Compared to the sedan, the Coupe has a more assertive, throatier tuned exhaust note when paired with the 5-speed manual transmission. The Coupe also has a stiffer, more aggressive suspension. This means the Focus Coupe trades ride comfort for handling abilities. This leaves the buyer with a choice: either fast or comfort.

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