Ford Focus Makes A Strong Showing At SEMA

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The all-new Focus is a big hit at SEMA, with several different interpretations present.

The 2012 Focus is a big deal for Ford. The Focus is once again a global vehicle and US customers in particular will notice a huge improvement. As expected, this new and improved Focus was a hit a SEMA, with no less than seven different tuned versions making an appearance. Most of these placed an emphasis on style rather than performance, but two notable exceptions were a supercharged offering from ROUSH and a turbo kit from COBB Tuning.

The white and red color scheme was a popular one, with an offering from 3dCarbon making extensive use of red accents, and Bojix Design adding some black to the mix as well. Steeda borrowed the 3dCarbon body kit but went with a striking red and black color scheme. The ID Agency split the difference between Japanese and European tuning trends with their green Focus with a Thule bike rack. Lastly, Capaldi racing took a track-oriented approach, making generous use of Ford Racing parts, as well as a number of their own, for a car that is ready for some real racing.

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