Ford Focus RS Gets 400-HP Upgrade Kit

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Mountune further upgrades the Blue Oval's drift monster.

The Ford Focus RS would be more than enough machine for most. But "most" are not the type to buy one in the first place. So for those looking for a little extra from their Blue Oval pocket rocket, Mountune is here to help.

The British tuner has made a name for itself tuning Ford hot hatches, and its latest takes the Focus RS even further. The new m400R and m400X kits are further evolutions of the firm's previous m400 package, and promise to extract every last drop of performance that the all-wheel-drive drift machine has to offer.

Like the existing m400, the new packages up the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four's output from 350 horsepower (and just as much torque) to 400 hp and 413 lb. And that can only have a positive effect on a vehicle that can already rocket to 60 in 4.6 seconds, run the quarter-mile in 13.4, and pull a full G of lateral acceleration.

The new packages allow for more adjustment and a finer degree of calibration. Drivers can set their Focus RS to full Mountune spec, drop it back to factory power, program it for optimal fuel economy, or even put it in Valet Mode.

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Through the Access Port, they can also adjust the RPM limiter, tinker with the launch control, and more. And existing m400 owners can even upgrade to m400R spec free of charge. The m400X incorporates all the same features as the m400R, but boasts even broader power and torque curves for better pickup and response – all for the Sterling equivalent of $774.

"The Focus RS is a fantastic vehicle to drive and the platform responds extremely well to our performance upgrades," said Mountune director David Moore. "With these two kits the power and torque are now exceptional both in quantity and delivery."

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