Ford Focus RS Makes Triumphant Geneva Debut

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Could this be the best all-around hot hatch ever?

It produces at least 320 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. No, we're not talking about a Ford Mustang or any of its direct rivals. Presenting the 2016 Ford Focus RS, the all-new, all-wheel drive hot hatchback making its official live debut here in Geneva. With its turbocharged EcoBoost four banger sending all that power to all four wheels via a six-speed manual, the Focus RS is jammed-packed with high-performance technology, notably its Dynamic Torque Vectoring system which distributes torque between the front and rear axles to maximize grip.

Understeer? Virtually eliminated, according to Ford. Riding on 19-inch wheels, the Focus RS also features an improved and upgraded suspension with stiff springs, sway bars, and adjustable dampers. Up close, the restyled front end looks great and the large rear wing is a particularly eye-catching touch, not to mention its contribution to downforce. Ride height has also been lowered. Inside there's a flat-bottom steering wheel, supportive Recaro seats, and many other upgraded performance-oriented items. Basically, the car you see here will be available for sale in Europe as well as North America. Yes! The Volkswagen Golf R has just met its most serious rival ever.

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