Hot Hatch

Ford Focus ZX3 SVT was 170-HP of Awesome

A decade-old American hot hatch that didn't suck.

Back in 2003, you could buy the Ford Focus ZX3 SVT EAP. Yes, that was its full official name. And one of its main goals was to show the Honda Civic Si a thing or two. It basically proved that America could build a solid hot hatch. The future looked bright for fans of this segment. But then the Focus ZX3 SVT EAP was dropped with no immediate replacement. Europe, as we all know, got an all-new Focus and a hot hatch variant.

The US didn’t and had to wait patiently for the current Focus ST to arrive. So how good (or bad) is the ZX3 SVT EAP (that’s for European Appearance Package)? Check out the latest Regular Car Reviews video ahead to find out.

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