Ford Freestyle Being Investigated For Low-Speed Surges

The National Highway and Safety Transportation Administration has announced they are investigating the Ford Freestyle after receiving complaints that it surges forward at low-speeds. So far, more than 200 complaints have been sent claiming the Freestyle wagon surges forward at low speeds when the accelerator isn't be pressed. This has resulted in the NHSTA investigating about 170,000 Freestyles built between 2005-2007.

The agency has reported there've been so far 18 cause-related crashes, with only one minor injury. This occurred in a driveway where the owner's knee was bruised. However, reports have indicated the lunging may get worse when the air conditioning is on or when the steering wheel is sharply turned. Customers have also reported the problem in both forward and reverse gears. Ford claims the lunging can be stopped when the brakes are applied, but if they aren't, the wagon can move forward by as much as 10 feet. Ford states they are cooperating fully with the investigation.

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