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Ford Fusion Isn't Going Anywhere Just Yet

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And there are deals to be had.

A few months ago, Ford announced plans to discontinue its entire traditional car lineup with the sole exception of the Mustang. The Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Taurus will soon be dropped entirely due to reduced demand in this era of crossovers and trucks. Could Ford's decision wind up being a mistake? Time will tell.

However, we've yet to learn of an official discontinuation date for any of these models and now Cars Direct claims that the Fusion will still be on sale at least through 2020. The information was sourced from production data and further confirmed by a Ford spokesperson. Why is Ford keeping the Fusion around for an additional model year? For two likely reasons: it's still selling them and supplier contracts remain in place.

Remember, the Fusion's twin, the Mondeo, will remain on sale in Europe for the foreseeable future, likely even after the Fusion itself is dropped. Overseas demand for traditional passenger cars remains stronger than it does in the US, and the Mondeo is even offered as a station wagon, a body style never available stateside. Wagons remain popular in Europe.

Cars Direct also learned that Ford has a significant stock of Fiestas and Focuses that it still needs to sell. There's reportedly some 10,000 Fiestas and 8,300 Focuses still looking for homes and Ford is offering some attractive incentives to help make that happen.

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For example, there are up to $3,000 and $4,000 in incentives for the Fiesta and Focus, respectively. Even the large Taurus is being discounted by up to $3,500. However, there are far fewer new Tauruses still around because its popularity was already dwindling prior to Ford's discontinuation announcement last spring.

There are also various Fusion discounts to be had but will vary depending on variant (hybrid, non-hybrid) and location. But it's fair to assume that 2020 will be the last year the Fusion will be sold. By that time or soon afterward, Ford will continue rolling out new models deemed more suited to today's market, such as the Bronco and baby Bronco.