Ford Ghia Vivace Proves The 90s Was A Low-Point For Car Design

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And you thought the Pontiac Aztek was bad!

Ford ain't Ferrari, but in recent years it's still built some seriously attractive cars, and with a lineup that includes the soon to be Ford Bronco, and the manic, now-discontinued Shelby GT350, the company can keep its head high among its contemporaries. But, like any other auto manufacturer, it has had its slips and spills. A perfect example is this 1996 Ford Ghia Vivace Concept. This car is a perfect example of why the 90s was one of the worst decades for car design. This one-off concept car was built by Ford and Ghia as an exercise in aluminum space frame design, and judging by the end result, Ford and Ghia failed miserably. Listed on Bring a Trailer, this creation will be sold to the highest bidder in five days time.

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Not only does this creation cause people to spew their breakfast, but even worse is the fact that it is non-functioning. There is no engine or transmission to speak of, and the doors don't even open. Based on the Ford Mondeo platform, the car features a fiberglass body painted in a vivid yellow, the interior features a brown fabric deck where the interior should be, and there are also some horrendous wheel coverings straight out of a 90s soda-pop advertisement. The sloping body features two doors and there's a unique vented hood in the front accompanied by a set of tiny headlights and minuscule fog lights.

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The dual exhaust exits in the rear are non-functioning, and the rear-end features both the Ford and Ghia logos. This concept car has never driven a mile under its own steam, yet it has a number of chips and cracks in the fiberglass body. The body also shows marks from where the material was bonded together. The car rolls on a set of 17-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli P700 tires, but one needs a dolly to actually move the car around, and the entire thing sits atop a steel boxed frame. This is a truly unique find but should be sent to the scrap heap of automotive history ASAP. As of today, the highest bid stands at $1,150.

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