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Ford Gifts Free Mustang To Saudi Arabian Fan

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Saudi Woman gets a free Mustang GT as female driving ban finally lifted

Women are finally allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia thanks to a decree by King Salman lifting the 61-year ban. Retired university professor, Sahar Hasan Nasif has been one of the most vocal activists in campaigning for women's rights in Saudi Arabia and has long dreamed of owning and driving her very own car. In her case it was a very specific car, a Ford Mustang. She had wanted one ever since renting one back in 1999 while on a trip to California. She tweeted that she was extremely excited about the ban being lifted and that she was finally going to buy herself a Mustang.

Her story was picked up by the local media and got the attention of Ford's Middle East division who decided to gift her with a brand-new Ford Mustang GT Convertible. The bright yellow Mustang she received is equipped with a 460-hp 5.0-liter V8, 10-speed automatic transmission and features the latest digital instrument cluster. The exchange took place at a handing over ceremony at a Ford dealership in Jedah. At the ceremony Nasif mentioned again how she had fallen in love with a similar convertible Mustang back in California and loved the seats, roar of the engine and its folding roof.

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Now that the ban has been lifted she will be free to enjoy her bright yellow convertible on Saudi Arabian roads without fear of arrest. Nasif is no stranger to such draconian measures as this is something that happened to her back in 2013 when she was caught driving around illegally by the police. Her continued efforts in getting women's rights recognized has undoubtedly been a factor in repealing this law and we wish her many happy miles in her new car.