Ford Gives Out Five Mustangs To Millennials To Conduct Tinder Dates In

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Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

Right about now, automakers are scrambling trying to find out what makes millennials tick because the generation that has become the largest in history (a win by default thanks to the exponential rule of population growth) seems to be adverse to buying cars, houses, or making any sort of long-term commitment for that matter. More and more, millennials are choosing to live in big cities, ditch cars for public transport, ditch spouses for roommates, and even forgo homes altogether in favor of overpriced apartments.

This does not bode well for the automakers, which make the majority of their coin on the premise that everyone wants a slice of the white picket fence and car in driveway American dream. Interestingly enough, one car from those glory days has reveled in that nostalgia and even managed to capture the attention of millennials without even trying.

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We're talking about the Ford Mustang of course, a car loved by old geezers and their grandchildren alike. In attempts to get more British millennials into Mustangs, which are available with right hand drive, the automaker gave five lucky couples who met on Tinder a Mustang on the basis that they would use it as the setting for their date. Before your mind falls into the gutter, keep in mind that this is Tinder, so awkwardness is a given. We know we'd have a hard time with this challenge because our attention spans can usually only hold a conversation or conduct fast driving in a muscle car, not both at the same time.

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