Ford Giving Away Free GTs At Detroit Auto Show

This is not a joke. Okay, it's kind of a joke.

If you aren’t going to the 2016 North AmericanInternational Auto Show, aka the Detroit Auto Show, you better change your plans. The Ford booth is giving out a free GT just for visiting. Unfortunately youwon’t be able to set a fast lap time in this free supercar because it isactually a snap kit model. Ford took a shrink ray to its flagship supercarand will be offering the toy model to kids who visit the stand at the show. Thekit includes 14 pieces that can be put together in just a few minutes as wellas a unique auto show stamp to designate a special edition.

Ford will also release a retail version of the model for$14.99 with 28 pieces to assemble. Ford has been giving these models away since2013 which began with a Mustang and then an F-150 Raptor. While you may not begetting a $400,000 supercar, a $14.99 model for free is still a nice gesture.

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