Ford GT Double Act Provide Plenty of Smoky Rubber

Laying down elevens like a couple of hooligans.

Apart from their obvious visual similarities, the Ford GT has nothing in common with the 1960’s GT40 that inspired it. The modern machine, with a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 is an absolute brute. It’s also quite a rare car to see in Europe – of the 4,000 or so models produced, only around 100 made it across the pond. However, capturing rare cars is what Shmee150 is all about, and on a recent visit to the drag strip at Vmax Hypermax in the UK there was a veritable goldmine of spectacular supercars on display.

His latest video features two Ford GT models laying down some smoky rubber on a UK runway. Check out the twin elevens left on the tarmac.

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