Drag Race

Ford GT Drag Race is What Happens in Car Guy Heaven

But you don't have to be dead to witness this one.

Is this heaven on a racetrack? No, but it’s damn close. The lucky fellas over at XCAR just happened to get their hands on three of the greatest creations ever to have rolled off a Ford factory floor. Then they decided to race them instead of just sitting and staring at their stunning glory all day long. What you’re about to see is a race between a Ford GT40, GT70 and a GT. You’re probably all quite familiar with the GT40 and GT, but the GT70 is also equally rare.

It was made by Ford of Britain in 1970 for rally racing, but Ford soon turned its attention to the Escort instead. It’s just as beautiful as its US-built cousins. And now we can see all three together for the sole purpose going fast.

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