Ford GT Gets Sent To The Arctic Circle To Break Records And Our Hearts

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What a way to celebrate the life of a car that shouldn't even exist.

The new Ford GT really is a modern marvel. Not because its a V6 supercar with revolutionary aerodynamic styling that sent LeMans competitors away whimpering with embarrassment, but because it shouldn't even exist in the first place. Just as impressive as the story of how the original GT came about when Henry Ford decided to show Enzo the type of man he tried to mess with is the fact that the new GT beat the logical money-making choice and became Ford's newest LeMans competitor.

Originally the Blue Oval wanted to return to LeMans with an improved Mustang that would put what is now a global vehicle at the forefront of the conversation. It would do so by winning the race and be followed by a road-going version straight from the Flat Rock factory.

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The Mustang mania would be inconceivable. Dealers would have to build safety barriers to hold fans back from raiding the lot and buying up every one of the affordable Stangs, which already rank as the most popular sports cars of all time. That, as we now know, is not how it turned out. Instead Ford gave up the quest for dollar signs and locked its best and brightest engineers into a secret windowless facility to work on the GT-a car so exclusive that even the richest on Earth had to pass a series of tests to have the hope of owning one. And even they may never have the experience that Steve Sutcliffe gets behind the wheel of this magical yellow GT.

The Evo crew has good cinematographers, and good cinematographers-like good chefs-know that presentation is what makes the final product stand out. That's why they take the GT to the northern tip of Norway where a race track lies just a few kilometers south of the Arctic Circle flanked by some of the most beautiful views this good Earth has to offer. We'll shut up now so you can enjoy.

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