Ford GT Has More Software Code Than A Fighter Jet, And Hidden Cupholders

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Because cupholders matter.

Ford is still clearly having fun divulging details about its all-new, and clearly very high-tech 647-hp supercar. Turns out the GT's race car experience on the road is made possible by more than 50 sensors that generate data at the rate of 100GB per hour. For all of you non-computer geeks out there, that's the equivalent of about 25,000 song downloads. This is all processed by more than 25 onboard computing systems which comprise some 10 million lines of software code. Yes, that's an insane amount of code, even more so than an F35 fighter jet.

Ford adds that these systems can analyze 300MB of data every second. That's comparable to downloading (legally, of course) an hour-long TV show every freaking second. "The Ford GT's sophisticated computing systems work hand-in-hand with the vehicle's core race car architecture to enhance performance, and also deliver greater versatility and flexibility," states Dave Pericak, Ford Performance global director. "By constantly monitoring inputs, vehicle loads and environment, and adjusting the car's profile and responses to suit, the Ford GT remains as responsive and stable at 180 mph as it is at 18 mph." Ford also wants to ensure all 1,000 GT owners are comfortable behind the wheel.

Creature comforts, like the SYNC3 infotainment system and automatic climate control, are standard. There's even a hidden storage bin under the driver's seat. But perhaps the most important feature is the retractable lightweight aluminum cupholders. They tuck nicely inside the center console.

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