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Ford GT MkII Customers Need To Know This Before Buying

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The $1.2 million track-only supercar has one potential caveat.

From the moment we saw it we wanted it. When something like the track-only, hardcore Ford GT MkII graces your screen you're thrust back to memories your childhood dreams of racing cars. Perhaps this is still a dream for some adults. We understand. With all of its newly added aerodynamic components for extreme downforce (more than 400 percent more compared to the street-legal GT!), race-tuned suspension, and a power increase from 500 hp to 700 hp, the GT MkII is already an instant classic and legend all in one.

No wonder why Ford is limiting production to only 45 examples for at least $1.2 million each. Needless to say, the automaker will have absolutely zero problems selling every single one. We wouldn't be surprised if all are already sold out following its Goodwood Festival of Speed debut.

But if there was one thing we could change about the GT MkII it would be its livery. Not that it's ugly, but we would have loved to have seen, say, another Heritage Edition or even Gulf Racing Livery. But is that factory livery painted on or merely vinyl stickers?

Ford Authority reached out to Ford who confirmed that livery is, in fact, painted directly to the body. No vinyl. That's good because owners won't have to worry about vinyl peeling off. But as we said, the livery you see in the photos is what buyers will reportedly get, more or less. Obviously it's possible to wrap the car in something else, leaving the factory-spec paint protected underneath, which is vital for long-term value.

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Still, considering Ford has done a wonderful job recognizing the history and legacy of the famous GT40s that won Le Mans all those years ago with special edition second-gen GT road cars, one would have thought a more historically appropriate livery would have been chosen here. Just imagine the GT MkII in any of those legacy liveries directly from the factory. Not possible here.

Reason for buyers to reconsider? No way, but a high-quality vinyl wrap ought to be considered.