Ford GT Prototype Looks Like It Escaped From Area 51

And it decided to land in Detroit of all places.

Ever since the reveal of the 2017 Ford GT at this year's Detroit Auto Show, the car has been spotted in the wild on rare occasions and always manages to cause up a stir. The combination of its sumptuous styling, 600+ horsepower and the promise of speed and performance that'll make it one hell of a halo car for the Blue Oval, is the perfect cocktail of all the things that we love. Now, a prototype model has been spotted on the streets of Detroit, and this one looks so mean that it could be an army development just waiting to rocket into the sky.

With its shade of green paint, sleek aerodynamics and those unmissable pipes, this is one car that can't just sneak by you on the highway (no matter how fast it can go):

Haven't got enough? Car spotter DrScandalous managed to creep up on the GT and shoot it from another angle:

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