Ford GT Racecar Hits the Road

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The neo-classic Ford GT meets its racing counterpart halfway in a racecar-for-the-road conversion.

The Ford GT may have only been built in limited numbers, but its standing as one of the finest supercars ever made in America stands on both road and track. Now the two are meeting in one new package. The project is a joint effort between the GT Guy LLC and RH Motorsports, which have teamed up to turn the Ford GT racecar, which was already based on the roadgoing version, back into a street-legal ride - similar to how Ferrari had turned its contemporary 360 Modena into the 360 Challenge racer and then back into the 360 Challenge Stradale.

Two examples have already been built: the silver GT1-S and the white GT3-S, both of which take their cues from the vehicle which Matech fields in the FIA GT1 series. They recently made their public debuts at the NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the 2012 Ford GT Rally. The GT1-S conversion will be available in three states of engine tune, ranging from 600 horsepower to 1,000 unit twin-turbocharged ponies. The initial package will be produced in a limited run of only 20 units. The GT3-S package, meanwhile, was designed for current GT owners looking to upgrade.

It features an interior upgrades with high-quality materials, exterior aero bits pieces and some performance upgrades yet to be revealed. Whichever version is specified, however, with these modifications, the neo-retro Ford GT looks poised to relive the old GT40's glory days in the grandest and most heart-pounding of style.

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