Ford GT Recalled Because Its Wing May Catch On Fire

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Where there's smoke, there's fire. Literally.

Remember that silver 2017 Ford GT that burned down in Germany? While the owner may have already replaced it with a new one, Ford is concerned that other GT owners could be in danger of their cars catching fire. Ford replaced the burned down GT with a new one that bears the exact same specifications, then began looking into why the car caught fire in the first place.

After some sleuthing, Ford discovered that the issue stems from the valve for the hydraulic active rear wing, which is prone to leaking.

The leaky valve can cause hydraulic fluid to leak into the hot engine bay, causing a fire. Originally, the issue was rumored to be linked to the engine, exhaust, or wiring, but the spoiler ended up being the culprit.

All GTs built from December 20, 2016, to July 31, 2018, are affected. This includes 176 of the 191 GTs sold in the United States and another 18 cars in Canada. Ford will notify owners of the recall and being to repair the affected vehicles.

The fix is actually pretty simple. Ford will install a new software that "eliminates the possibility of excessive pressure in the valve block assembly." In certain cases, Ford will also install new o-rings, hydraulic check valves, and filters. It's never fun when a $400,000 supercar suffers from a recall, but at least Ford caught it early before anyone got injured.


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