Ford GT Sets 283MPH Standing Mile Record

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Performance Power Racing smashed the standing mile record at the Kennedy Space Center.

Performance Power Racing has broken the record for the fastest standing mile at 283.232 mph in a 2006 Ford GT at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Guinness World Record officials measured the time which was verified by the International Mile Racing Association, who recognized the run as a new world record. Performance Power Racing owner Johnny Bohmer piloted the street-legal 1,700-horsepower Ford GT, which now stands as the most capable standing-mile machine on the planet.

The same car previously set the record at 253.97 mph. The standing mile event requires a vehicle to accelerate from a stand-still on through the one-mile mark. To ensure optimum results, parts were specifically designed and manufactured from a new high-strength and high-temperature tolerant aluminum alloy called Pandalloy. "Our entire team has worked very hard to get here," noted a proud Bohmer, "and we are proud to be able to put an American car in the record books as the fastest street car in the world."

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