Ford GT Shows German-Speaking Austrians How America Does Things

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You know, like the ultimate supercar.

It really doesn't take much to fall victim to the Ford GT's countless temptations. The twin-turbo V6-powered supercar is achingly gorgeous from every angle, and it's a formidable player on the track as well. Turns out it's also the ideal road trip carriage through the Austrian Alps, home to some of Europe's best driving roads. Ford figured a couple of Austrian motoring journalists and YouTube hosts wouldn't pass up a chance like this. It was right.

With world-renowned car photographer Larry Chen following in a chase car, Matthias Malmedie and Helge Thomsen, regular hosts of RLT2's automotive series "Grip," were given the keys to a new Ford GT.

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Their mission was to strictly enjoy it while driving in the stunning Alpine scenery. Fortunately for the rest of the world, their road trip was documented with Chen's brilliant photography and a video. Remember, these guys have driven some of the world's greatest supercars throughout their careers, but the Ford GT is something extra special – straight from America.

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