Ford GT Testing At High-Speeds Proves Turbos Were A Mistake

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It's hard to play "Name That Exhaust Note" when all you hear is a breeze.

There's something overpowering about Ford's new GT that prompts drivers who get inside to reach for the throttle and experiment with the limits of the car. While the far-fetched statement remains unconfirmed, Ford claimed that the GT would have the best power-to-weight ratio of any car ever. That claim could have something to do with Ford's own test drivers being pulled over for speeding in GT test mules because who wouldn't want to conquer the tarmac with 600 turbocharged horsepower at the beckon call of your right foot?

This driver sure didn't. As a part of Ford's teaser campaign for the GT, one of the V6-powered machines was sent down a test track at blistering speeds to prove to muscle car enthusiasts that yes, aerodynamics do actually count for something.

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However, the GT in the video doesn't sound too aerodynamic. Either that or maybe its engine has had its voice completely cut out by the turbochargers because even with flying buttresses removing excess wind blockage from the body, the GT sounds like a jet about to take off. There is virtue in stealth, but we can assure Ford that most gearheads couldn't care less for it. In either case, we can at least get an idea of the GT's capabilities by watching the video.


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