Ford GT Totally Upstaged The Acura NSX At Detroit


Seriously. The GT stole the show and the NSX's thunder.

Cars like the new Ford GT don't happen often. Well, at least in how Ford managed to keep the project top secret. Perhaps it was because GT development took place, in the words of Ford CEO Mark Fields, "in the basement of the company," essentially a secret location. The Acura NSX's story, however, is quite different. The concept version launched at the same show back in 2012 and since then Acura made absolutely no secret of its existence. Even official spy photos were released along the way.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno appeared in a commercial promoting the concept, too. After three years of continued development, the new, second generation NSX was good to go. And only after a year of development, so was the Ford GT, the supercar no one saw coming. Acura wrongly assumed it would have the supercar mantle to itself in the Motor City. Ford would have none of that. Detroit is its home turf, and 50th anniversary of its first Le Mans victory, in the original GT40 no less, is quickly approaching. Both automakers will use their respective new halo cars to sell the brands, but it's the GT that caused people's salivary glands to work overtime (this writer's keyboard was a sloppy mess).

Don't get us wrong; the NSX is a fine high-tech supercar in every way. Based on looks alone it's a worthy successor to the now iconic original. But it's the GT that made Detroit 2015 truly memorable and proved that Ford is very much on top of its game.

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