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Ford GT40 Slips and Slides Around Goodwood Track

Watch IndyCar star Kenny Brack wrestle a Ford GT40 at the rain-soaked Goodwood Revival.

After bidding farewell to the supercars and racing cars of the Goodwood FOS, Lord March’s estate was the scene for a car gathering focused on the classics. One such car was a Ford GT40 owned by Red Bull Racing F1 engineer Adrian Newey, who was recently in the headlines for totaling a Lamborghini Super Trofeo at Silverstone. Perhaps wary of another bolt of lightning, he loaned his V8 Le Mans racer to Swedish IndyCar star Kenny Brack for a hot lap of the Goodwood track.

Every ounce of his skill was needed to keep the 50-year-old brute from going sideways on the slippery Goodwood circuit, but luckily for Newey the near-priceless Le Mans champion was in good hands.

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