Ford Has A Clever Solution To Keep The Bronco Dry

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The new SUV won't have any water retention issues.

Fervor surrounding the Ford Bronco is high, and now that the first units have started rolling off the production line, people have already started to get excited about the Raptor version that has just been teased. People are also getting excited about the inclusion of a manual gearbox, but before everyone gets too carried away, some have noticed that there are some things that don't quite add up. One is the placement of the rear A/C vents, which are in the floor under the front seats instead of in the center console. So how will Ford prevent these from filling with water and damaging something important?

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If you're wondering why this was done in the first place, Ford says it came down to packaging restraints, but since this is an off-road machine that is available with a wash-out interior, surely these vents would fill with water. Speaking with Ford Authority, the Bronco's chief engineer, Eric Loeffler said: "We have drain provisions around [the under-seat A/C vents], and basically we mind where the ends of them are elevation-wise. Keep in mind, if you have the wash-out interior, you have four active plugs but you also have six passive plugs, no matter if you have the carpet or the wash-out interior."

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The active drain plugs are user-enabled while passive plugs are permanently open and ready to drain. Thus, even if you forget to open the active plugs, the passive plugs will ensure that you don't end up with a small pond in your Bronco. The only downside to A/C vents under the seats, then, is that your legs could block airflow. However, judging by the resounding success of the Bronco's orders thus far, we don't think this will play a role in deterring any contemplative customers from biting the bullet. We can't wait to get our hands on one to see how capable this machine is, and of course, we'll test those rear vents for efficacy too.

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