Ford Has A Fix For The Focus RS Head Gasket Issue

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Now the internet can stop complaining about this car's reliability.

Thanks to the internet, whenever a car has some kind of issue it tends to get blown out of proportion. This effect is exacerbated when it is an enthusiast car like the Focus RS. With this ca,r, owners have experienced an issue that has caused the engine to lock up. The issue was caused by coolant that makes its way into the combustion chamber and burns off into white smoke. Ford narrowed the problem down to an incorrect head gasket that was fitted onto some Focus RS models at the factory. Luckily, Ford now has a solution.

We knew that Ford was working on developing a fix, and Road and Track reports that the fix is finally here. The fix is called "Customer Satisfaction Program 17B32." It's not a clever name, but it will be very helpful for Focus RS owners. As part of the program, Ford will replace the head gasket and perform a pressure test on all affected cars. If a car fails the pressure test, Ford will also replace the cylinder head. Of course, all of these repairs will be conducted free of charge and will be available until January 31st, 2019. The program covers any Focus RS that was built from August 3, 2015 to July 6, 2017.

According to the service bulletin, Ford dealers are supposed to perform a pressure test on the cooling system for five hours. Ford will even reimburse owners for up to four days of rental car coverage while the repairs are performed. We are glad that Ford has solved this issue, so we can stop hearing about how "poorly built" the Focus RS is.


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